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How to improve the Science Fair?

Please provide your commens and suggestions to improve the science fair

2nd Abdussalaam Science fair.

This years fair was very impressive. Student brought their hearts out to complete their assignments, projects and research work.

1. Will its video recording be shown on MTA when and in which program.

2. Some details on MTA or any jamaat journal about theme of some distinguishing works,projects and topics presented in this fair will be added attraction for students to prepare for next and common Ahmadi to assess the talent Jamaat has.

3.For first three positions only cash prizes were given. How the winners can make their friends and institutions believe that they have won this distinction when no certificates to this effect have been issued. When it is also a fact that such activity also wins some credits in their acedemic career from their school, college etc.

Sh. Laeeq Ahmad.

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Number of Times

We should have science fair twice a year.One in the winter break and one in the March break.

girls at the science fair

Last year the photo gallery showed only the boys.

This year can you show the displays of the girls entries, please?

Most of them were of a very high quality but there was no mention of them.

Also, you have allowed non Ahmadis from your selection of schools. If you allowed Ahmadis to work WITH their non-Ahmadi friends this would have been an opportunity for tabligh.



Sheila Malik. OCT.

During judgement...

I had the honor to be the judge in the last year's Science fair. I was so very proud to see our talented buds sprouting and their advancement in knowledge and technology.
However, I would like to mention one of my observations;the parents/ guardian should be kindly asked to stay apart from the participants during the judgment as it has a negative impact on their ward's performance and they don't express their real selves. This is supposed to be a formal gathering and it should get open to public only after the judgment is over.This would surely allow a fair judgment.
I wish good luck to all the participants of this year and look forward to seeing some innovative projects from them.


Participants need more guidance

Participants should be provided with more guidance regarding the various subjects they can do their projects on. They should be given seminars throughout the year about various Islam and Science related subjects, from experts in science and Islam. Only then will they make the connection between the physical and divine laws of God.

the rules should be clearer

the rules should be clearer and posted on the website a long time beforehand. the fair should be announced a couple of months before with the rules since some projects might take longer time to prepare.

How to improve the Science Fair

Apparently the fair seems to be less of transparent. Judges need to be from outside. Organizers children should not be participating in the competition as the rules are applied elsewhere whenever a contest is held organizers families are barred from taking part in the contest.

How to improve the fair?

1)More topics should be given

Enforcing the rules

Last science fair a group that won a place, even though most of the group was underage and that was unfair :(